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    Where are you staying the night before your tour? We have cabins to rent that are fully furnished. Please ask about availability in one of our cabins.

    Please let us know if you and/or your children would like to shuck a real oyster (not living, packaged in alcohol). These oysters are seeded from the TN River mussel shells and are cultured and grown in Japan. To shuck your own real oyster from Japan, which might contain a pearl is $25.00 per oyster.

    Mother Nature works in mysterious ways and unforeseen things happen. There may be a chance that an oyster may “lose” his pearl. There is no way to know if that happens other than opening the oyster shell. These oysters are shipped from Japan for your enjoyment.

    Our tour is complimentary today, however, we do have donation containers to help support our museum for your educational enjoyment. There is a $10 suggested, minimum donation.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Please notify us when you are 30 minutes from arriving so our staff can prepare for your arrival. (731) 584-7880