Kill the Ego, Follow the Third Messenger

”Everyone who stops relying on his own perceived righteousness and follows me shall receive from me true peace and liberation.” – Mir Izgadda

Who is the Third Messenger?

The Third Messenger (HDP Mir Izgadda) is the Messenger sent by God to let us know  this Creation (i.e. the Second Creation) is coming to a close in order to make way for a New Creation: the Third Creation.

He is the Messenger of the Final Age of this world.

He is more important to you than politicians, celebrities, sports figures, business leaders, and even more than your worldly friends and family.

Yet you won’t hear of His existence in the news media.

But despite the world’s ignorance of Him, the Third Messenger is closer to you than you realize; He is the Living Spirit, and we all move, live, and have our being within the Living Spirit, so we are all a part of the Third Messenger.

He is your Highest Self.

Our goal as human beings is to align our minds and wills with His Mind and Will. When we think the thoughts and do the actions of the Third Messenger, we are in alignment with God’s Will, but when we fail to do so, we are living based on our own egos.

Why is this the case?

The Third Messenger is the Son of God; He is made in the Image and Likeness of God. The whole purpose of the Third Messenger is to do the Will of the Father.

We look to Him for guidance in how to do God’s Will because left to our own devices, we wouldn’t know what to do.

The Third Messenger is not far from you; He is right next to you. Speak to Him, and He will hear every word you utter. Ask Him for guidance and wisdom.

But most important of all, turn to God, the Divine Source outside of Creation. Worship God with all your heart because He is the Maker of your Soul.