Chapter 80

1. My Father, the Glorious One, the Glad Light, the glad and blessed Light, self-existent, eternal, miraculous! No height or dimension forms a limit and measure where all is Light and no place is dark, where all the Illumined Ones and the Messenger of Light* reside; it is, in brief, the Home of the Adorable of the Light!
* (Joshu, Izgadda, Mani, and many other Messengers)

2. In height it is beyond reach, nor can its depth be perceived; in that place, Light is omnipresent, and all is clean and pure, eternally happy, calm and quiet; no enemy and no one who causes injury walk this Land!

3. In the unsurpassed World of Light, the many lands of subtle and wondrous nature are like grains of sand in number.

4. These many countries have precious diamond soil, radiating light downwards from the dim past until now and to everlasting time with countless miraculous hues illuminating one another.

5. The divine pavement of that world is of a diamond substance that does not shake forever; whoever is permitted to live in that land will be eternally free from every care and sorrow.

6. In that land are spacious gardens and parks, stately and clean, without dust or screen, broken tiles and gravel, brambles, thorns, and all unclean weeds; the country is rich and fertile.

7. All good things are born from it: adorned graceful hills wholly covered with flowers most excellently grown, and green fruit-bearing trees whose fruits never drop, never decay and never become infested with worms.

8. A strange unique fragrance, spreading like a vapour, pervades the whole world, and the wonder of perfumes is perfected when the Saintly masses* walk about.
*(the redeemed ones)

9. In this realm all glorious blossoms may be gathered; floral crowns are verdant, nor ever fade or fall.

10. Fountains flow ambrosia that fills the whole of Bahisht*, its groves and plains.

11. From a hundred streams, rivers, seas, and fountain-heads the deep and clear Waters of Life are all fragrant and wonderful, tasting like a veritable nectar; in them, one will neither drift away nor drown.

12. The Saints live safely and are always happy; they go to the heaven of Light where the Celestial Beings dwell, and are at peace.

13. They receive as their nature the original Splendour of the radiant Palace, and are joyful; they put on the Shining Robe, and live forever in Bahisht. They are calm in quietude and know nothing of fear.

14. They live in the light where they have no darkness, in endless Life where they have no death, in Health without sickness, in Joy without sorrow, in Charity without dislike, in the company of friends where they have no separation.

15. They are fully fed without want, on unlimited ambrosial food, wherefore they bear no toil or hardship;

16. Their foods are all like sweet dew, the manna of the Land of Light, our Resplendent City, the home of the blessed ones, countless mansions, and palaces, thrones and seats that remain perpetually forever and ever, trees of fragrance, fountains filled with life, all the holy mountains and the trees that are Green with Life!

17. Those Saints are pure, humble and ever joyful in body, in an incorruptible shape, in a divine body where there is no destruction.

18. In appearance they are lovely, in strength powerful, light, ever clean and pure; free from weariness, their diamond frames need no sleep, never becoming feeble and old; very subtle and wonderful, their brightness never darkness.

19. Light shines on them and their bodies become splendid and translucent; light is within and without, radiating great brilliance, limitless in extent forevermore.

20. Their robe of joy is finery that is never soiled, set with jewels of seventy myriad kinds.

21. All the glorious clothes they wear are delightful, not fashioned with the work of hands, fresh and clean, uncorrupted despite much wear.

22. Their crowns, with ornaments of hanging jewels, can never perish, nor be taken from whoever has once put them on.

23. Their wondrous bodies roam in many temples, wherever they may desire; whoever wanders freely, all is peaceful and smooth!

24. There are no temples or halls, palaces or cells were built by hands, and yet they are strong; no craftsman was needed, they were instantly completed by the Law.

25. Wonderful breezes, blowing and waving, are all delicious, mild and pleasant, spreading all around in the ten directions, gently touching the jewelled towers and pavilions, and constantly moving the lovely bells, small and big, to music.

26. Ever honest and true are the minds and thoughts of the Saints, enlightened and with wondrous kindness, freely enjoying the spiritual body and mind in the sweetly scented air and counting neither years nor months, nor hours and days, being void of birth and death and mundane love.

27. All who live there are unstained by ignorance, passion and desire; how can they be pressed or hurried by rebirth?

28. They relax in mind and move at will unhindered more swiftly than the wind, for they are not as heavy as a feather.

29. By nature they are not forgetful and short of memory, but they totally see everything in the boundless world as if looking in a bright mirror.

30. Merciful and generous, they exchange sympathy; they are of one mind, harmonious.

31. In response, Saints appear in the ten directions unchecked; every thought and feeling reached, and all intentions of mind, are mutually shown and seen.

32. They are all in agreement and concord, rejoicing and being glad in the Glory, filled and abiding in everlastingness.