Chapter 79

1. The Ship of Joshu has come to port laden with garlands and decorative palms; it is Joshu who steers it, he will put it in for us till we embark; it is the Saints whom he takes on, the Virgins whom he without doubt accommodates.

2. Let us make ourselves holy also that we may make our voyage to the Air.

3. The Ship of Joshu will make its way up on high, it will add its cargo to the shore, and return for those who remain behind; the Ship will take them also and bring them home to the Haven of the Immortals.

4. How great a lover of men are you, O Joshu, the First Rose of the Father! How gentle are you, my true Bridegroom!

5. O anointed one of the Bride chambers of the Light! I honour you, O mirror of my Master which I have loved before I ever saw it, but because of its fame whereof I heard, I kept careful observance of my being holy that I might be worthy of it!

6. Draw now the veil of your secrets until I see the beauty of the Joyous Image of my Mother, the holy Maiden who shall sail with me until she brings me to my City!

7. Embark me on the Ship of the Saints, let them put in quickly for my Soul!