Chapter 78

1. Victory and salutation, O busy Soul that has finished her fight and subdued the Ruling Power, the body and its passions!

2. Today you are called to dwell with the Angels because you have left behind you the hunger and the thirst* of death.
*(unhealthy passions)

3. Hereafter you have become free of anxiety, for you have abandoned the house of care, the body of death, and have flung it before the face of its enemies.

4. You have swiftly gone beyond the authority of the flesh, you have ascended like a swift bird into the Air of the Celestial Beings!

5. Your wares* which you have produced, look, they have gone before you – a part of them following after you, a part of them overtaking you; rejoice then, being glad as you step before the Judge!

6. He will appear to you with a face that is full of joy; he will also cleanse and purify you with his pleasant water of dew*, he will set your foot on the Path of Truth and furnish you with your wings of light like an eagle becoming distant as it soars forth into its air!

7. Go now aboard your Ships of Light and receive the Glorious Garland and the Gifts of Light from the hand of the Judge!

8. Look, the Ship has put in for you: Noah is aboard, he is steering – the Ship is the Commandment, Noah is the Mind of Light, he who comes and puts on the Saints.

9. Embark your wares, sail with the spirit of immortality; return to your kingdom and rejoice with all the Aeons and rest yourself!

10. Your Defence is the Law-giver Joshu, for he will welcome you to the Kingdom, he will bring you to the haven of peace!

11. Walk on rejoicing; today your sufferings have passed.

12. See, you have moored to the harbour of peace!

13. Now shall you have your fill of the joyous Image of Joshu, so go your way victoriously to your City of Light!

14. You are glad that you have mingled with the holy Angels, on you is set the seal of your glorious purity!

15. You are happy that you have seen your Divine Brethren in the heavens with whom you shall dwell in the Light forevermore.

16. You have reached your Light-Suburb wherein there is neither hunger nor thirst; implore your Father for some grace upon us; do not leave us to be desolate!