Chapter 77

1. My Teacher, the joy of your sweet cry has made me forget life in the world, the sweetness of your voice has made me remember my City;

2. I myself have again received the three holy Gifts which the three holy Angels extend to me; from Mind of Light* and the Divine Teacher have come a fresh Garland, a new Diadem, and a shining Robe.

3. I ran to my Judge; he set the garland of glory upon me, he put the prize of victory in my hand, he clothed me in the Robe of Light, exalted me over all my foes.

4. See, joy has overtaken me through your Right Hand that came to me!

5. Peace be unto you, O Celestial Beings, Angels of glory who are in the Land of Light! Henceforth, no longer shall I be Prisoner, a Slave!

6. I have found the Ships – the Ships are the Sun and the Moon – they have transported me to my City: I have found the Haven – the Haven is the Commandment!

7. I have set my foot on the Path – and the Path is the Knowledge of Jehovih!

8. Ferry me to the Sun and Moon, O Ferryboat of Light that rests over these three earths!

9. Disperse the dark cloud that is before my eyes, that I may be able to cross to your honoured dwellings.

10. I have attained to a level which has allowed me to see your Light, so I have no concern with the Darkness –therefore let no one weep for me; see, the Gates of Light have opened to me!

11. I rejoice as I ascend to my Father with whom I have conquered in the land of darkness;

12. O my great King, transport me to the City of the Angels– the Celestial Beings, take me into the homes of joy – for I am yours! Count into my hand the reward of many contests!

13. I rejoice, I rejoice for eternity of eternities! I worship you, O Father of Light, and I bless you, O Aeons of Joy, and my brothers and sisters from whom I have been far away and have found again once more!

14. I have become a holy Bride* in the quiet Bride chambers of the Light; I have received the gifts of the victory.