Chapter 76

1. The Soul is sent to the Judge of the Dead and the Just seizes the confused Soul which appears as in a mirror.

2. It is set down in the Balance its merit is apparent, its evil deed revealed; the deeds done by itself appear – the majesty of the Earth and Water is unhappy, the splendour of the Fire and Water weeps, the brightness of Plants and Trees, wails aloud!

3. On that day of danger no bribe or gift or pleading can avail; the Image of the Father, the Maiden of the Light, is the only one to help on that day! Those near the King are the Righteous.

4. If the Balance rises, his good deeds will overcome his sins committed and will raise him to the Garden of the Light uniting with the Column of Glory.

5. Those indeed who are the doers of good, to them He rewards the good deed according to their goodness, He gives them the Kingdom of Light and makes them heirs in everlasting Life – they will be forgiven because they have forgiven others, but they will atone for every sin they have committed.

6. Woe to it, the empty Ship that comes empty* to the Customs-House, they shall ask it when it has nothing to give!
*(without merit)

7. Woe to it because there is nothing on board! It shall be, to that one, roughly treated as it deserves, and sent back to rebirth – it shall suffer what corpses suffer!

8. ”O Celestial Beings, to you I must appeal; all Celestial Beings, in pity take away the sins from me! Wipe away our iniquities, the scars that are branded on our Soul!

9. We have seized upon our lightless Earth we have known and understood our Body and our Soul.”

10. “Lift up your face, beloved, and look upon my face! See how I gaze at you with no evil look in my eyes as I stare at the sinner when he is brought to my judgement and found guilty! May you live for evermore!”

11. “Praise to the righteous Judge, the strong Power, the path of Truth, the clear Mirror, separating the acquitted and the condemned! Clothe me in your Robe, give me the Garland and the Prize! I have lived ever since I heard your sweet voice, O true Judge, O Glorious One!”