Chapter 75

1. In the time of his departure, when the Light-Form that appears to everyone about to leave his body, after the example of the Image of the Messenger, comes forth from before him and separates him from the darkness to the Light, the Higher Self rises out of all embraces.

2. The blessed glorious Man has mysteriously become – in his likeness, in his form, in his love, in his holy Maiden who is the Maiden of Light – the Soul of the Father.

3. This Light-Form pacifies the man by the Kiss and its rest from the fear of the demons that would destroy his body; through its appearance and its image, the heart of the Elect who leaves his body is calmed.

4. At whatever time he dies, thousands of beautiful angelic beings will come to meet him with flowers and a golden chariot, and speak unto to him saying: “Fear not, righteous Soul!”

5. And his own merit will come before his face like a divine virgin princess, immortal and lovely, a flowery wreath upon her head; she herself will set him on his way.

6. Thus, the glorious Deity of Righteousness comes to the Soul with the three Celestial Beings who are He Himself, the great glorious angels who come with him – the one holding in his hand the prize of victory, the second bringing the Robe of Light, while the third is the same who holds the diadem, the crown and the wreath of Light.

7. Then the angel who holds the prize of victory stretches out to him the right hand and draws him out from the abyss of his body, and receives him with the Kiss and the Love.

8. That Soul worships her Father who is the Source of Light.

9. Now at the very moment when he dies, he perfects himself, and awakes in conformity with the Will of Jehovih in the House of the Living and the Celestial Beings, angels, and all the Messengers and the Chosen Ones, and he receives the shining garland of glory in everlasting life and puts on the raiment of divinity.