Chapter 73

1. As I was saying these things, weeping, the Teacher called to me and spoke with me, and my spirit was exceedingly joyful;

2. Joshu, the King of the Saints, the true Light of the Faithful, in a sweet voice answered me, saying: “O blessed, righteous man, come forth! Ascend, O Soul and alarm yourself no more; death is vanquished, and the longed-for bliss has now drawn near.

3. I have come, I who will redeem from evil, cure the pain, and make peace in your heart; I shall give you all that you have wished of me, and restore your place in the higher splendour!

4. Do not be afraid! I am your Higher Self, a security and a seal;

5. You are my body, a garment I have put upon myself in order to terrify the Powers, while I myself am your Light,the original Effulgence!

6. Arise in a joy that is free from sorrow, and I will lead you!

7. Do not sit in fatal apathy; turn yourself around and see the embodied beings, how in misery they wander and are certainly reborn in all shapes!*
*(various types of people)

8. “I have heard your prayer, O blessed Soul; it is I (through Jehovih) who will give to you the reward of your good deeds!

9. For in this world you abstained from murder, you had compassion on the lives of all creatures, so that you neither killed them nor ate of their flesh.

10. Comfort yourself, stem your ears, beloved!

11. Good is the profit of your treasure, for you have laid the foundation of your tower upon the Rock of Truth, have kindled your lamps with the Oil of Faith;

12. You have cared for the widows, clothed the orphans, endured the persecutions for the sake of the Name of Jehovih, the Giver of rewards, the Granter of grace!

13. Your prayers and fasts have become a crown upon you; victory and salvation to you, O garlanded Soul who has fulfilled the wishes of her Father!

14. Now step forward to the fragrant, wonderful Garden where there is eternal joy; come and rest henceforth in the Land of Light, O Soul that loves Jehovih!

15. “Fear not, I am your Guide in every place; I will open before you the door in every heaven and cleanse your way in fearlessness and without trembling.

16. I will establish you in strength, clothe you in radiance, and lead you to the place of the blessed regions; there shall I show the beauties of the King of Light, of all the high ranking angels and of the Celestial Beings;

17. I shall show you the Father, eternally the Sovereign and lead you up in pure raiment before Him!

18. I will show you the Mother of the Light, and you shall forever be at peace in the praised joy!

19. I am your Light, your beginningless illumination.”