Chapter 72

1. Joshu, my Light whom I have loved, take me in to the Presence of your Father Jehovih!

2. I have trusted to the knowledge of your Hope which called me to you, take me up to your houses, Joshu my Spouse!

3. Pick me ripening on the pleasant bush of the Assembly; I am like a ripened fruit, pure since I was small!

4. I am a Tree in your Orchard of Light; my lamp shines like the Sun; I have lit it, O Spouse, with the good oil of purity.

5. My Bridegroom, Teacher, cleanse* me in your waters that are full of grace; wash me in the waters of immortality of the Column of Glory!

6. I have become divine again as I was at first, I have set myself to please you to the end!

7. Make even me worthy of your holy bride chambers filled with Light, for I have loved your Saints like you, yourself, my saving Teacher!

8. O Law-giver Joshu, receive me to your bride chambers, that I may chant with those who sing to you; add me to the number of those who have conquered and have received their garland.

9. Let me rejoice in all the bride chambers, and give to me the crown of the Saints!