Chapter 71

1. Come, my Teacher! Do not abandon me, help even me!

2. I have depended on you, victorious stiller of fear of the death through the Cross!

3. Joshu it is you (through Jehovih) whom I have loved!

4. See, the glorious armour of your Commandment which you did gird yourself, I have put it on my limbs; I have fought against my foes!

5. I have subdued the passions of youth, running in your virtue, O Teacher; I have forsaken the defilement of illicit intercourse, I have put upon myself this purity that you wish; the murderous snake, foe of virginity, I have not listened to his laws and his lying words.

6. I have not even tasted the pleasure of the bittersweet, nor have I meddled with unlawful intercourse of the flesh, for it is a thing that perishes, nor have I permitted the fire of eating and drinking rule over me.

7. Reveal your face* to me, O holy and immaculate Radiance, my true gracious Physician!
*(or “ever abiding presence”)

8. I am your sheep, you are my Shepherd! You walked beside me and delivered me from the destroying wolves.

9. I listened to your words and walked in your laws, I became a stranger in the world for the sake of your name, my Law-giver!

10. Yet you did not leave me in want, for I was given food and drink because of your name.

11. I have touched the world and I know there is not even a little toe* of life in it.
*(small part)

12. I have wandered over the whole world and witnessed all the things that are therein, and I have seen that all men run about vainly, for they have forgotten the one who came and gave himself to death for them.

13. The strangers with whom I mingled, they never knew me; they tasted my sweetness and wished to keep me with them; I was life to them, but they were like death to me! I tolerated them, and they wore me as a garment upon themselves!

14. My Teacher, when I saw these things I took your Hope and strengthened myself upon it, I did not refuse your yoke which you laid upon me, your good Teachings which you gave me, I have fulfilled, my Law-giver; I did not permit my enemies to put out your Lamp of Light!

15. I have despised the world to give life to my soul, I have forsaken the things of the flesh and have been content with those of the Spirit.

16. I have known the Cross of Light that gives life to the universe, I have believed in it that it is my beloved Soul which nourishes everyone, and for this the spiritually blind are offended, because they are ignorant of it.

17. Since I found my Teacher I have walked in his footsteps; never have I in the least hung back, so as to receive this Garland; the joyful trees that blossom are full of fruit I have given you, my husbandman: namely, Prayer, Fasting, Alms, and Love to your children.

18. My Inner Man is like you in his form, my Outer Man receives grace through the Word of Light.

19. I have constantly practised the truth in your holy Wisdom, which has opened the eyes of my Soul to the light of the Glory and let me see the hidden and revealed things, those of the Abyss and those of the Height!

20. O Mind of Light, the Sun of my heart that gives my Soul the things of the Light, you are my witness that I have no comfort except in you!

21. I have heard every human voice, but no other voice except yours has pleased me, for it is you, by the grace of Jehovih, whom I have loved from the beginning to the end!

22. Since my childhood it is to you whom I have shown gratitue; I have forsaken everything – I do not know the day when they vanished.

23. I have left behind my beauty for the sake of your name, I have stood firm in your name, O Beloved Law-giver Joshu!

24. I have accepted your sweet yoke in purity, I have borne your yoke, I have bound my limbs to your Cross; I have made myself pure for you according to my power, O King of Saints!

25. It is to you and your teachings which I have dedicated myself, for you are the hidden Joy of your children!