Chapter 70

1. O great Call who has wakened this soul of mine from its deep slumber, O Merciful filled with mercy, the Saviour of those who are His own, I worship you!

2. I have called upon you with an innocent voice because I know you are the Rescuer of Souls!

3. Stretch out your Right Hand to me, and I shall leave the things of the body behind me!

4. Come, I implore you, draw me up out of the hidden place of the dead!

5. Let not the demons frighten me and the Fury with her fearful face, because I have not served the Error but have passed my whole life nourished in your Truth!

6. Now save my soul from this state of life and death!

7. See, my faith stands fast to me; see my alms that I have done in your name; see, my prayers and my zeal beg that I receive grace upon me!

8. A robber was saved upon the cross only because he confessed you; cleanse me from all my sins, for I too have hung upon your Hope!

9. Behold, I am coming out of the body of death; now do I call on you, O teacher: “Come to me in the hour of my need!”

10. Show me your Maiden at the moment of my departure from the All; let me too be worthy to see your Maiden for whose sake I have toiled, and her three Angels also who are with her, who brings all the Gifts of the faithful one!

11. My Holy Father, let me see Your Likeness that I saw before the universe was created, before the Darkness dared to stir up envy against Your Aeons.

12. On that occasion indeed did I become a stranger to my Kingdom; I have cut its root and have come up victoriously on high.

13. O my prayers and my fasts and my virginity which I have perfected in your name this is the moment of my death when I have need of you!

14. Yoke for me speedily my soaring chariots and my horses– which are my holy fasts, my prayers to Jehovih, and my alms giving!

15. Put my white Robe upon me, take me in as a gift to your Father!

16. O eternal Victor, I call to you; hear my cry, Compassionate! Let your Members cleanse me, and baptise me, you, in your holy waters and make me without stain, even as I really am!

17. Behold, the time has drawn near that I should return to my home!

18. You are the Way, you are indeed the Gate of eternal Life, O Son of Jehovih, O Law-giver, who has taught me to wear your Father’s holy Precepts!

19. Open to me, O Tree of Life; O Tree of Rest, open to me!

20. Open your essences to me, and I shall gaze on the faces of the Saints!

21. Open to me your halls, for my heart has swooned after your bliss!

22. Open your gardens to me, and my spirit will receive their fragrance!