Chapter 69

1. The life and death of everyone is in his own hands – as for us, let us live; what is all the crowd to us? What have we now in common with the world?

2. Arise, let us go to our Aeons! Where are our Crowns of Light that never fall? Let us wear our Garlands that do not fade eternally!

3. The Living Kingdom shall once again appear, the Love of Jehovih, the White Dove; the Kingdom is Love, this White Dove– it is not gold and silver, it is not eating and drinking!

4. The Kingdom is Joy and Peace and Rest; see, it is within us; it is outside of us; if we believe in it we shall live therein for evermore!

5. My brothers, come in through this narrow Door and let us comfort one another with the Word of Truth!

6. See, the Bridegroom has come! Where is the Bride who resembles Him?

7. The Bride is the Assembly, the Bridegroom is the Mind of Light;

8. The Bride is the Soul, and Joshu is the Bridegroom!

9. If he rises in us, we too shall live in him; if we believe in him, we shall transcend death and come to Life.