Chapter 68

1. See, I have safely finished my voyage, my own hour has already come.

2. They summon me: “O Soul, lift up your head and go to your Fatherland!”

3. I depart from your midst and I go away to my true home.

4. I have cleansed myself in the washing* of immortality in the hands of the Saints; now they summon me to the bride-chambers of the Height, and I will go up clothed in the Robe.

5. I will go up to the Nature of Excellences, I will pass away up to the skies and leave this body on the earth.

6. The trumpet sounds. I hear it! I am being called up to the Immortals!

7. I will throw away my body on the earth from which it was assembled.

8. Ever since my early childhood I have learned to walk in the Path of Jehovih.

9. Let no one weep for me – neither my brothers nor those who produced me; my true Fathers, those who are from on high, they love my Soul, and they seek after it!

10. The enemy of my Soul is the world, its wealth and the love of it; all life hates godliness. What am I doing while I am in the place of my foes?