Chapter 63

1. The Mind of Light, who is the Awakener of those who sleep, the Gatherer in of those who are scattered abroad, is the Father of all the Messengers, who chooses all the assemblies.

2. The Physician of the Souls, he is the Mind of Light, and this is the New Man.

3. The caustic medicines are the Precepts, while the cooling medicines are the forgiveness of sins – he who would be healed, see, of two kinds are the medicines of Life!

4. There is a mighty power dwelling in this body; it is very terrible with great cunning wisdom until the Mind of Light finds how to subdue this body and to drive it according to his will.

5. Then the Mind of Light comes and finds the Soul a captive in the flesh; he frees the soul’s limbs of Sin, and those he chains.

6. Because he loathed the five craggy and dangerous earths of the Darkness, he flattened and overwhelmed them; he began by removing the brambles and all the poisonous weeds, and burned them in fire.

7. Then, being armed with the sharp Axe of Wisdom, the Messenger of the Light destroyed the five kinds of poisonous trees of death.

8. He took his own precious Trees of Life of five kinds, shining, pure and perfect, and he planted them in the soils of the First Nature.

9. He sprinkled these precious Trees with the water of Immortality, and they produced fruits which give deathlessness.

10. He arranges the limbs of the Soul, builds them, polishes them, and organises them into a New Man, a Son of Righteousness.

11. He evoked the Aeons of Peace in whom there is no waning and decrease;

12. He establishes treasuries of Life, and in them set up Living Images which never perish;

13. Then over the five kinds of precious luminous terraces he lit five precious Bright Lamps that last forever.

14. The New Man becomes King through his love, his faith, his perfection, his patience and through his wisdom.

15. His King, again, who is the Mind of Light, is King over the All; he reigns over it according to his will.

16. So too, the Mind of Light comes and shines in the world and chooses the holy Assembly, and parts the Light from the Darkness and separates the Truth from Lawlessness.

17. O Mind that conquers Matter, spread your mercy over my spirit!