Chapter 62

1. Blessed is the man whose heart does not condemn him; the faithful man of Jehovih gives his judgement to himself alone.

2. If by some chance you would give a lesson to others do it yourself before you have given it.

3. Do not adorn yourself outwardly and be found rotten in your inward parts;

4. Do not strive after pleasing men and then become an enemy to your Creator;

5. Do not give rest to your body and then pay the penalty with your Soul.

6. Mar Mani says: “My brothers, love me with your heart, do not please me with your lips alone; the children of the lip are blotted out, the children of the heart remain!

7. Do not be like the pomegranate whose rind is brightly coloured on the outside while it is rotting on the inside;

8. Do not be like the tombs of corpses which are indeed whitewashed but are inside full of carrion;

9. Do not be like horse saddles, for outside, indeed, they wear the fabrics from Babylon* while inside they are full of straw!
*(luxurious cloth)

10. For my sake, be like a jar of wine, placed firmly on its stand, for while the outside is a piece of earthenware, there is a fragrant wine inside!”