Chapter 60

1. The word that wounds is this: When a man speaks a word for the sake of murdering another a man or for the sake of the killing of beasts or trees unnecessarily, and the Cross of Light, the lying word, and that of anger and that of fury, or a corrupt and viciously obscene word, or a quarrelsome word that one flings at his brother – this is the hurtful word.

2. For this is Anger, that you find occasion to desire an evil deed wherein there is sin.

3. It is proper for man to look on the ground at the time when he walks on a road, lest he tread on the Cross of Light and destroy the good plants – even destroying plants that could have been used as a source of food; it is especially for the beast, lest he tread on it and kill it with his foot.

4. But it is I who with a loud voice say to you that every man of the righteous Elect who walks on a path for the sake of the work of Jehovih, or if he walks on the earth, even when he crushes with the sole of his foot the Cross of Light, he has no sin therein, but his whole path is a garland and a palm leaf, because he does not walk in his own desire, nor does he run for the sake of gain and frivolous things when he treads on the earth and the Cross of Light.

5. It shall not bear resentment against you with hatred and anger, for it knows that you walk on it for rest and healing, to preach for it and to reveal its mysteries.