Chapter 59

1. My brothers, let us live in poverty, and be poor in the body but rich in the spirit; and let us resemble the poor making many rich, as having nothing yet possessing all things.

2. What shall we do with gold and silver? Let us love Jehovih; His Light is power, His Wisdom the wise one!

3. The living Alms receive to itself affliction for a while, and then rest comes to it for evermore through the Saints.

4. Moreover, at the time when these Alms reach the Holy Assembly they are saved thereby and are purified and are rested by its means; they come out thereby and go to the Eternal One of Truth in whose name they have been given.

5. So again it is the Holy Assembly which is the resting-place for all these Alms that rest therein; it is this alone that becomes for them a door and a vehicle* to the Land of Rest.