Chapter 55

1. All the blessed ones who have ever existed have borne these pains, down to the Glorious One, the beloved Teacher Joshu.

2. Every man of Jehovih who has ever existed, all genders, all have suffered, down to the Glorious One, the Messenger Mani.

3. Even the Messenger Mani himself was given the Cup to drink, he took the likeness of them all, fulfilling all their signs.

4. How many of his disciples also received the same as their fathers! My brothers, we too have our share of sufferings, we shall join with them in the suffering and rest in theirs!

5. It is good for us to be silent; let us not think in our heart that our Creator is forgetful of us, for before us, all hardships will disappear like gloomy shadows before the glorious Sun.

6. The Covenant of our Father, the profit and the loss, is shared among us; we are true sons and daughters, the heirs of their fathers.

7. There is nothing at all that is free from suffering which will rest at its end; even the very seed that is sown finds no way to live unless it dies, but through its death it lives and gives life also.

8. Let us, too, strengthen ourselves, my brothers, for see, the Rest has come to us that we may receive the blessing of all these things we have spoken of, and dwell together in the glorious Land of the Light!

9. For there is no hater, no enemy, henceforth, but it is peace and joy and life for evermore!

10. Let the bride-chamber keep festival, for the Bridegroom is at hand!