Chapter 54

1. In these three things is Perfection found: In the Commandments and the Wisdom and the Love, for all of Jehovih’s Faithists attain perfection through these.

2. For this reason let us pray and implore Jehovih who has chosen us that He may make us perfect in His Way.

3. Keep yourselves far from magical arts and sorceries of the darkness, for he who shall learn them and practise them and realise them, finally where the master of those of the darkness shall be bound with his powers, they shall bind also in that place the soul of him who practises them and walks in such arts of the error.

4. With wisdom and skill strengthen yourselves around the gates* of the body lest the sin** that dwells in the body prevail over you and bear away your Light from you and extinguish it in many places and shatter it everywhere in every way.
* (senses and organs)
** (darkness)

5. So, then, do not permit this to happen to you, but be a watchful people and strong in your faith in the Truth*.
* (make sure your faith is strong concerning the truth)

6. Be prepared from everything to everything, so that your rest and your end may be with Him for whose Sign and Hope you watch!

7. Be ever firm and strong in keeping the Precepts and the Rites; give alms and always practise fasting, worship, praise and recitation.

8. Sing and chant the words of the Righteous Law without ceasing, read and study eagerly, discriminate with your wisdom and accept the Pure Commands.

9. Always keep before you the Three Pillars of the Holy Faith: Scripture, Tradition and Revelation.

10. Always be clean and pure in all your deeds.

11. Also be found earnestly practising kindly deeds, be gentle and amiable, bear humiliations, and purify all your roots.

12. Follow good rules and habits and determine to rest your minds in the Place of Liberation; leap with joy and stand firm by the Religion of Righteousness!

13. All these are the remedies for the Light-Bodies; if you do these things and sleep not, you shall go up and you shall see the Land of Light.

14. If indeed you truly fast, you shall be taken into the Garden of Light.

15. If your eyes do not make an evil glance, you shall be seated under the shade of the Garden of Light.

16. If your mouth speaks truly, the Divine Beings shall show you their various images.

17. If your hands are free from violence, the pleading of your speech shall be heard.

18. If your heart stands firm, they will lift you up and stand you in their midst.

19. If your feet walk in the Way of Truth, they will make you one of them.