Chapter 53

1. Moving forward toward health, O Rouser of sleepers and Shaker of the drowsy, who are the Awakener of the dead!

2. Moving forward toward health, O Rescuer of the chained and Physician of the wounded!

3. Your cures are not of this world, Your healing is from the Land of the Living!

4. Where is the welling of Your mercies that You let me remain long in my appeals?

5. If my voice has reached You then how is it that Your mercy seems delayed? In my desperation, I have said “If I have turned towards You a little, I do not know why You have not turned much to me!”

6. I have grown weary of knocking for You; O Doorkeeper, open for me the door; I will not stem my tears, O Mighty One, unless You wipe away my sin.

7. O great Holy One, I am a new and lovely Robe that has been wholly soiled with filth by the demons; please wash it and cleanse it with the water of the Righteous Law*, so that I may attain the sublime body of joy and pure limbs!
*(Dharma, Pure Teaching, Teaching of Mir Izgadda)

8. I am a shining Lamb, son of the great Holy One, and with streaming tears and crying I implore You for help in my sufferings.

9. The jackals, the wolves, and many savage beasts have seized me suddenly and carried me away from Your Branch of the Good Light.

10. Grant, O Jehovih, great mercy: please take me in adoption, put me among the soft and gentle Flocks of the Light, and admit me to the hills and woods of the Holy Law, roaming and sauntering always fearless on the fair mountains!

11. Moving forward toward health, True Word, Powerful Lamp of the Great Light, my True Guardian, First-born of the Father of Light, watch over me.

12. While I am in the midst of the sea*, O Joshu, be a guide to me! Do not abandon us lest the waves ravish us; when I utter Your Name over the sea it stills the waves!
* (the world)

13. Guide my sense of sight lest they give an evil glance, guide my ears lest they hear a vain word, guide my nostrils lest they smell the odour of desire, guide my mouth lest it utter slander, guide for me my hands lest they minister to the adversary*, guide for me my heart that it does no evil, guide my spirit for me while it is in the midst of the storm-tossed sea, guide my New Man while it wears the mighty Statue, guide my feet lest they walk in the pathways of error, and guide my soul that it be not stained by sin!
*(the evil one)

14. O Tree of the Nature of Life, most high and incomparable King of Wondrous Medicine, the ever-thriving precious Tree whose fruits are always fresh with sweet dew* that never fades – whoever eats them will for ever leave the stream of birth and death** – while its fragrant perfume spreads around the world; send down the swelling rush of the Great Law to fertilise the ground of my soul and permit the flowers and fruits of my soul to flourish!
* (immortality)
** (samsara)

15. Teach me the Way to Life through your blessed and Holy Commandments, and I shall love and observe them and come to You rejoicing, permit me to dwell in Your Aeons, Your bride-chambers of Light. This is the Way, O Jehovih, this is the Way to Life.