Chapter 52

1 The sources of the Light and of the darkness have natures absolutely distinct; I have learned what is the King of Light who is the Tree of Life, and also what is the darkness which is the Tree of Death; I have put the law of the darkness behind me, while I have adopted the Law of the Light.

2 I repent in the presence of the Holy Judge of Righteousness, I have thrown out of my eyes, this sleep of death which is full of error.

3 When again the evil became worse, I lifted up my eyes to the Land of Light; a Man called down to the world saying: “Blessed is he who who shall know his own* Soul!”
* (his True Soul)

4 So I am troubled at heart about my soul, lest it faint and stray and become even worse. O, my Father, my Saviour, my King, I will be a champion for You, I will, myself, go forth and continue to fight against all that which is unrighteous.

5 O my Maiden, my Beloved, the Living Fire, I shall give myself for You, my body will be given over to death for the sake of Your body, and give my fair beauty for the sake of Your beauty!

6 I will loosen the knot of worldliness, the bond of action* will I break; I will lead the one gone astray, heal the long incurable diseases of passion**, and open the eyes of humanity to the Wisdom of Light!
* (karma which leads to unskilful acts)
** (wrongful desires)

7 On every side I will become one who bestows joy on those who have come to sorrow!