Chapter 51

1 Death is the sure appointment of humankind; the house of death is the destiny of the human body. None can escape it.

2 The temporal contacts of a family, how far do they differ from that of a traveller staying at an inn? Crowds of people stop and rest together for a night; in the morning they part and return to their own lands.

3 Man is born a naked shape, and he will die in the same manner*; in spite of his love for the body of flesh he must give it up at last; all the material riches and treasures we do not wish to part with will no longer be with us at the end.
* (without material possessions as implied in the latter part of the verse)

4 Take to yourself the words of truth, O men who love the Creator, that the world is nothing, there is no gain at the end of it.

5 Do not be a friend of this beauty that shall be totally destroyed, decayed and melted like snow in the sun.

6 All things of this earthly life are fleeting, they vanish from our sight like fallen rain before the midday sun.

7 Renounce the possessions of the world and embrace the peace of poverty!

8 The doctrine of truth is a north wind blowing upon us so that we may follow it and sail to the Land of Light! Come, Souls, to this Ship of the Light!