Chapter 46

1. We are people of rest, let no one impose toil upon us; Joshu in whom we seek is he on whom we have taken our model! (Eskra 44:1-30)

2. Let the wise be cured and restored, the kindly have joy and happiness!

3. The Messengers of the Light, glorious and kindly let them stand by this true Religion, and guard, keep and preserve it in its purity!

4. And with the Shield of Light, and the Buckler of the faithful, and the efficient Spear may they repel and keep afar all the enemies of Righteousness until the end of time!

5. So may it be! May new blessing come from Jehovih a new reform upon the spirits of this world, so that He may accept our Holy Religion. (Wars 7:3)

References are to the Oahspe Bible