Chapter 45

1. You ask: “From where is this great joy I have on account of the wisdom that I spread in all places, that it is greater in my mouth, at the time I express it than at the time when it lies in my heart?”

2. You yourself are in joy because of it, but the other who hears it from you also rejoice on its account and is enlightened by it, he gains through it an enduring power.

3. The wisdom which the man shares, speaking it from his heart, ever increases more and more; its greatness and its glory greatly increase at the time when the beauty and the brightness of the Word are revealed to the inner eye of the hearer, while you, yourself, marvel over what you utter.

4. This is why I say to you, my brothers and my beloved: “Take trouble, exert yourselves and preach to the Souls to grasp the hour to themselves while there is time for their repentance and to do good while there is time, before the Gate is closed and the souls are turned back from before the Gate of Life and become share and property of the enemy.

5. The glory, victory, and good are greater for the preacher building the Assembly than that of the brother who goes into his own heart and shuts himself off alone and builds only himself.”

6. He who communes with disciples who are in the Knowledge* and helps them, he surpasses all the kingdoms of the world because all such kingdoms do not know the Truth of Jehovih since they were established by the desires of the world and are busy with the making of profit.
*(the Truth of the Religion of Light, Teaching of Light)

7. So, for this reason, must he give alms to the holy ones and commune with them always; he gives it to a spirit of holiness which dwells in them, and in turn, that same spirit will grant its grace before the true Father, and the Father of Truth shall, in turn, repay this loan on the last day. For it is holy spirits which dwell in these holy ones.

8. We too, my beloved, let us rejoice in this joy, rest in this rest from everlasting to everlasting; the whole dawning of the Light wherein the Celestial Beings rejoice, the blossoms of beauty which never fade, this is exactly why Joshu was born into the earth and what he taught!

9. The Assembly is a garland for which they gather in every corner; we gather in the blossoms daily and weave a royal garland and give it to all the holy ones.

10. Lilies of majestic colour, roses of varying shades, let us put them with one another; holy hearts, holy minds, let us build into an Assembly!

11. It is a New King who comes, let us build also a new house! The new house is the New Man and the New King is the Mind of Light, the ruler of the Assembly!

12. Prepare the anchor and let us anchor ourselves to the Love of the Father, to the haven of peace, to compassion, to kindliness; let us anchor ourselves, let us anchor ourselves to love for Jehovih and love for men!

13. Joshu is a Ship – blessed are we when we sail upon him!