Chapter 42

1. Some of the duties of the disciples which he does is Fasting, Prayer and Alms-giving.

2. Now the fasting in which he fasts is this, that the true faithful disciple keeps the fasts of the year on their appointed days, and to keep the Sabbaths of the year and rests from the works of the world on Shabta.*
*(Saturday, the seventh day)

3. He also observes the purity of Sabbath, restraining himself from the desire of his spouse, keeping his bed pure by means of abstinence*.
*(refraining from all sexual activity and discussions of the same during Sabbath)

4. He is frugal in his diet, and does not he defile his food with the gluttony of flesh* and the pouring out of blood**; further, on the fast days, he eats nothing defiled.
*(unnecessarily consuming meat)
**(pouring blood on food or unnecessarily killing animals for food; the actual eating of blood is forbidden within all communities of the Religion of Light)

5. Also he guards his hands against causing harm and tormenting* the Living Soul within the Cross of Light.**
*(It is our tradition not to hunt animals simply for the reason of killing them as a sport. If an individual is in need of food and the only method in which he can obtain it through hunting, then this is permitted. But if someone wishes to kill a bear or deer simply for the enjoyment of it or for affixing its carcass on their wall as some sort of trophy, he is guilty of “hurting and tormenting the Living Soul.”)
**(The Cross of Light is found within the body and within most of all living beings on earth, including plants)

6. Now this is the prayer that he must* pray facing the Sun and the Moon, the Great Luminaries.
*(Not only is this commandment viewed as literal, but it also refers to our acknowledgement of the divine work of the “Great Luminaries” in Heaven. This is not worshipping of the sun or moon or any planets or stars.)

7. The times of prayer are followed by him; he keeps them, he comes daily* to pray, hourly and daily, all the hours of prayer will be kept, with his fasts and his alms which he gives on all the days of the year.

*(Our prayers are daily and never haphazard. This is why the text says “he comes daily to the Prayer, hourly and daily, all the hours of Prayer will be kept.” Our prayers are also connected with our alms-giving, but the two are not the same. We are admonished to pray daily and to make regular alms-giving for intercession on our behalf.)

8. The Alms is this, that he must make an offering of food through the holy ones, and piously give it to them.

9. The Alms will be reckoned to his good, the Fast he has kept, the cloth that he has put upon the holy ones; and thereby they daily have communion with them in their fasting and their good deeds.

10. When the disciple fulfils* his duties which he makes into a gift to the Holy Assembly, he has in him great love, together with a share in every grace and good deed in the Holy Assembly; he shall find many graces.
*(What a blessing it is to know that Jehovih who resides above the heavens provides us various means in which to fulfil our duties as true servants within His Holy Assembly. We are blessed by our Creator in having the proper understanding of what He requires of us as explained in our Scriptures, our Traditions and in the Revelations provided to us.)

11. Afterwards he is cleansed according to the measure of his works, he is purified and bathed and adorned.

12. After that, he is moulded into an Image of Light, and he soars up and reaches the Land of Rest, so that where his heart is, his treasure also may be there.

13. At the time of his coming forth*, he departs and reposes in Life forevermore.
*(separation of Light from the physical body, death)