There is Nothing Pure About Evil

Daily readings from the Holy Book

Daily readings from the Holy Book

Shlama brothers and sisters,

Our daily reading for today comes from the 27th chapter of the Teaching of Mir Izgadda, the 35th chapter of the Karuzuta d’Mar Mani and a couple of verses from Malpanuta d’Mar Mani Khaila.

In this brief devotional, I would like to focus on the 27th chapter of the Teaching of Mir Izgadda. I have used Scripture quotations from the online edition of the Holy Book located at this link.
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Generating Appreciation for Divine Gifts

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“Due to their material desires some people can not see a true gift even when it is right in front of their eyes.” (Teaching of Mir Izgadda 19:3)

This post is based on a brief parable that was presented by a sister’s seven year old son in Iran.

Thomas (a fictional character in the story) was given a box with many nice gifts within it – diamonds, rubies, gold bangles and pearls. He rummaged through the box as quickly as he could, as if he was looking for something. He almost seemed frustrated. Thomas’ father asked him if he was happy with his gift. “I suppose, father, that I’m happy.” Thomas’ father said, “But you seem to be looking for something else in the box.” Thomas replied, “Yes, I thought it would be much bigger and that it would have more in it than I see here.”
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Study Resources for Religion of Light Adherents

There are many different resources on the internet and some in print for new comers to the Religion of Light. The following is a summary of some of those resources. This page does not attempt to cover every website available at this time.

Studying the Holy Texts

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Every Manichaean should have a copy of the Holy Book of Light, but if it is not available to you in print or in your language, a few of the most important texts that should be in every Manichaeans’ hands include the following:

  • The Teaching of Mir Izgadda and Mar Mani*
  • The Gospel of Mar Mani*
  • Prophecy of the Trees
  • Prophecy of the Sun
  • Prayer of the Emanations (recited daily or at least on Tuesdays)
  • Prayer to the Living Spirit
  • Rite of Confession for Individuals
  • The Epistle of James
  • Apostolic Letter on the Cultivation of the Twelve Virtues

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A Challenge to the Ego

1If you love your ego more than other people, you will end up being a very lonely person. 2 Putting the ego above all else causes blindness to the soul’s awareness of the Presence of God.

3 Put aside the ego and put on, rather, the awareness of the Presence of God and do His Will by humbling yourself and learning from the teachings of the Truth and Light. (Teaching of Mir Izgadda Ch. 21:1-3)

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